Posted by: lemonsnatch | March 16, 2010

Some of my experiences

The View Scenic, The waters clear, and the possibilities Endless.

I am relatively new to the area and I enjoy fishing. Coming from Alberta this is a huge change of scenery. I am still not very familiar with the fishing in the region but this blog is what I have learned so far. My aim is to inform other people from the area with the knowledge I have gained and to hopefully acquire some information from more experienced anglers in the area.

Here is a picture of my most successful day fishing in the area.

I was fishing in Castlegar down by the Brilliant Dam, I caught about 15 walleye in a 3 hour period, the majority in the last hour. Almost every cast i was pulling one out. The largest was about three and a half pounds. I only kept the large one and the ones I caught near the start of the day because I did not think I was going to catch so many. I was fishing with a 2 ounce bottom bouncer with a 4 foot lead that had a green and orange wedding band tipped with a worm. I found that a 1 ounce bouncer did not get down enough and a 3 ounce caught to many rocks. I met another guy who was fishing down there and he couldn’t believe how often i was catching them, he had told me he had never caught nearly as many as I had. But he did mention that he had caught some five ponders off the exact rock i was fishing off of. Living and fishing Alberta since I was a tot has had its positive effects on me when it comes to walleye fishing I guess. That was all my dad and I would fish for, I had never really realized I had developed the skills he had until that day. I had out fished an area veteran, using a radical technique as well. Bottom bouncers are supposed to be fore boat trolling I but threw one on hoping for good things and it worked.

Other than that day i have not had to much luck. I have caught a few fingerlings out of the Slocan river and out of cottonwood lake. Hopefully living in the area and meeting other fishermen will help me develop the skills i need to be successful in this region.